Monday, February 8, 2010

A little late but.....January Favorites

Porridge soap from Lush: I've used this for over a month now and it has really helped soften my skin. The smell has really grown on me and I'm obsessed with it now.

True Blue Spa- type Shea personality from Bath and Body Works: This is a pretty heavy duty Shea butter lotion, since it is so heavy I only use it before bed. Between this and the Porridge soap I have seen a big improvement in my skin.

Soy candles: I get these from the antique/craft mall near me. They burn very clean, you don't get that black residue on the sides of the candle. The wax is easy to clean up, just use soap and water. I use a candle warmer so they last even longer.

California Rolls: I used to drive quite a way to get these but now my local Kroger has a sushi stand where you can watch the sushi being made! I was so excited!!!! Plus, they make them with brown rice too so they are even healthier :)

Ebay: I've been using this like crazy lately! I've been selling some of my Lush stuff that I don't really care for and then buying Lush stuff I know I like!

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