Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Today's Mall Haul

Today my sister and I went to the mall to shop. Here is a list of what I got.

  • The Max Rave store in my mall is closing so the entire store, including clearance is 50% off. I bought 2 really cute shirts for $3 each.
  • Bath and Body Works has a deal going where you get 5 hand sanitizers for $5. I picked out 2 Sweet pea, 1 Warm Vanilla sugar, 1 Fresh linen, and 1 Island Nectar. I also bought this cute little pink tie-dye clip for the sanitizer for $0.50.
  • Ebay: I won a new, sealed piece of Lush Alkmarr soap worth $16.17. I paid $9 + $2 shipping.

Saturday, January 23, 2010


I finally went to my local Lush store the other day. They were having 2 promotions going on and I of course did both. The first one was to bring in a used/new donation of clothing/shoes for Haiti. When you did this you would receive a free item. The second one was spend $50, you get your choice of leftover Christmas presents for free. I caught the sales people at Lush off guard when I brought in my donation, I guess I was the first one so they were really excited. The girl was clapping and all kinds of stuff but anyway, she told me that they hadn't put together anything so I could just pick out 3 items to sample. This was totally awesome....until.... the guy who worked there decided that was too generous so he put together the most stingy sample pack I've ever seen. Normally, I wouldn't mind but that fact was that the girl was offering for me to pick what I wanted to try out at home. Anyway, I got a teeny tiny sample of Helping Hands hand cream (barely enough for a full hand application), a bigger (still tiny though) sample of Charity Pot, and a small sample of Karma soap.

On to what I paid for:
  • New! solid shampoo for my sister $9.45
  • Porridge soap $10.40
  • Butterball bath bomb $4.95
  • Shimmy Shimmy massage bar $6.75
  • Sex Bomb bath bomb (HUGE!) $6.15
  • Sweetie Pie shower jelly $10.25

my total was $47.95 but tax brought it up to $50.83. I like how the promotion wasn't spend $50 BEFORE taxes. so that was cool. The Christmas Present I picked out was Stardust.

It included:

  • a small Snow Fairy shower gel
  • Double Fast Luck emotibomb
  • Snow Fairy solid perfume
  • Star Melt bath melt
  • Fairy Tail sugar scrub
  • Candy Cane bubble bar
  • Angels Delight soap

The present was worth $50 so I got $100 of products for $50 so very cool. I will do reviews on things as I try them. I even made an online order because the USA site added more Christmas items for the buy 1 get 2 free promotion! Can't wait until it gets here!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Beauty Tip of the week!

Add a handful of sugar to store bought scrubs to make them grittier!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Things to try: Fade your own Tee's

Create your own vintage T-shirts at home.

For a mild fade:
1. soak the shirt in 8 cups water, 1 1/2 cups salt for 3 days.
2. wring and rub down with sandpaper.
3. hang dry in the sun.
4. wash and dry normally.

For an extreme fade:
For this to work, the tee must be 50/50 cotton/polyester blend)
1. soak the shirt in 6 cups water, 2 cups bleach, 1/2 cup salt for 2 days.
2. wash and dry.

Things to try: Honey Face Scrub

  • 1 TBsp. honey
  • 1 TBsp. finely ground almounds
  • 2 TBsp. dry oatmeal
  • some lemon juice

Mix all ingredients together & massage onto your face. Rinse off with warm water.

Apparently, I have an interest in honey masks and scrubs!

Review: Chocolate Masque

I found a chocolate mask at my local Kroger on sale for $1 each. I decided to just try it out and here are the results:

Montagne Jennesse Chocolate Masque for normal, dry and T-zone skin.

This mud mask contains many ingredients including Dead Sea Salt, Shea Butter, and Cocoa Butter. The smell isn't the best but you can smell the Shea and Cocoa Butters. It's fairly thick. One packet was enough to cover my face as well as my little brothers (he wanted in on the mud fun!) and there was even a little bit left. Probably enough to do a lighter treatment later on. The mask wasn't bad for a dollar. My skin feels a lot softer and smells like chocolate! The downside to this product is that you have to be careful with what you choose to wash your face off with. The washcloth I used ended up being stained by the mask.

Weekend Haul and Review

Items I bought over the weekend:
  • pink storage containers (will be used for my Lush stuff) $1 Target
  • 2 pairs of Mudd jean leggings (jean material, fit like leggings) $20 Kohls one color is a blue-gray and the other is black though it looks dark blue in the picture. The black pairs sensor was not taken off at the register so unfortunately I cannot wear them until I take them back to the store...)
  • Almay eye makeup remover (travel size, 16 count) $1.50 Target
  • Maybelline great lash BIG mascara in blackest black $4 Target
  • Rimmel soft kohl eye liner 040 purple passion $3 Target
  • Maybelline eye shadow in 165 antique jade $2.94 Target
  • Plain black tank top $3.50 Forever 21
  • set of 2 eye shadows $1.50 Forever 21
  • a closeup of the Maybelline eyeshadow. I am so in love with it. I have hazel eyes so it compliments them very well. Its a shimmery dark green but doesn't show up as dark on my lids. I have worn it two ways so far, as a regular shadow and also as a liner.

  • The eye makeup remover pads work well but make sure your eye is completely closed because it can sting. They get all the eye makeup off in a few sweeps.

  • The Maybelline great lash BIG mascara is my new favorite mascara. It's very inexpensive and works well. The wand is super thick so it coats a lot of mascara onto lashes. When I do my mascara I always curl my lashes first. Then I put a dab of hair conditioner onto my finger tip and then CAREFULLY sweep my lashes with it. This works as an inexpensive lash primer. Then before the conditioner dries, I sweep my mascara on and let dry. Then I curl them once again.

Things to try: Oats & Honey Mask

  • 1 TBsp oats, finely ground

  • 1 TBsp plain yogurt

  • honey

In a small bowl, mix together oats and yogurt. Add small drops of warmed honey until you get the right consistency. Apply to face and leave on for about 10 minutes. Rinse off with warm water.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Exploring the Lush Craze!!!

Over this last week, I have watched a lot (and I mean, a lot!) of videos about Lush products. I had never heard of this company before but it seems as though everyone is blogging about it and posting videos about it. So I ventured onto the website ( ) and I really liked what I saw. The site is set up very well, it really catches your eye. Then I looked through the many products they offer which includes soaps, shampoo bars, body butters, shower jellies, massage bars and many, many more. Everything looks very fun to use, some of the bath bombs have glitter in them that float out into your bath, some change the color of your bath. So I made a mini list of items I really want to try, I eventually would like to try them all. Here is my list:

Pictures of products go in this order:

  • Porridge soap (has actual oats in it for exfoliation)
  • Honey, I washed the kids soap (everyone raves about the scent)
  • Therapy massage bar (can be used to massage and as a solid lotion)
  • Rockstar soap (I've heard it smells like candy plus its pink, my favorite color!)

All items listed can be found at:
I've heard that it is best to shop in-store since different scents appeal to different people so I located a store near me! I plan to splurge for my birthday :)