Saturday, January 23, 2010


I finally went to my local Lush store the other day. They were having 2 promotions going on and I of course did both. The first one was to bring in a used/new donation of clothing/shoes for Haiti. When you did this you would receive a free item. The second one was spend $50, you get your choice of leftover Christmas presents for free. I caught the sales people at Lush off guard when I brought in my donation, I guess I was the first one so they were really excited. The girl was clapping and all kinds of stuff but anyway, she told me that they hadn't put together anything so I could just pick out 3 items to sample. This was totally awesome....until.... the guy who worked there decided that was too generous so he put together the most stingy sample pack I've ever seen. Normally, I wouldn't mind but that fact was that the girl was offering for me to pick what I wanted to try out at home. Anyway, I got a teeny tiny sample of Helping Hands hand cream (barely enough for a full hand application), a bigger (still tiny though) sample of Charity Pot, and a small sample of Karma soap.

On to what I paid for:
  • New! solid shampoo for my sister $9.45
  • Porridge soap $10.40
  • Butterball bath bomb $4.95
  • Shimmy Shimmy massage bar $6.75
  • Sex Bomb bath bomb (HUGE!) $6.15
  • Sweetie Pie shower jelly $10.25

my total was $47.95 but tax brought it up to $50.83. I like how the promotion wasn't spend $50 BEFORE taxes. so that was cool. The Christmas Present I picked out was Stardust.

It included:

  • a small Snow Fairy shower gel
  • Double Fast Luck emotibomb
  • Snow Fairy solid perfume
  • Star Melt bath melt
  • Fairy Tail sugar scrub
  • Candy Cane bubble bar
  • Angels Delight soap

The present was worth $50 so I got $100 of products for $50 so very cool. I will do reviews on things as I try them. I even made an online order because the USA site added more Christmas items for the buy 1 get 2 free promotion! Can't wait until it gets here!

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