Monday, January 18, 2010

Weekend Haul and Review

Items I bought over the weekend:
  • pink storage containers (will be used for my Lush stuff) $1 Target
  • 2 pairs of Mudd jean leggings (jean material, fit like leggings) $20 Kohls one color is a blue-gray and the other is black though it looks dark blue in the picture. The black pairs sensor was not taken off at the register so unfortunately I cannot wear them until I take them back to the store...)
  • Almay eye makeup remover (travel size, 16 count) $1.50 Target
  • Maybelline great lash BIG mascara in blackest black $4 Target
  • Rimmel soft kohl eye liner 040 purple passion $3 Target
  • Maybelline eye shadow in 165 antique jade $2.94 Target
  • Plain black tank top $3.50 Forever 21
  • set of 2 eye shadows $1.50 Forever 21
  • a closeup of the Maybelline eyeshadow. I am so in love with it. I have hazel eyes so it compliments them very well. Its a shimmery dark green but doesn't show up as dark on my lids. I have worn it two ways so far, as a regular shadow and also as a liner.

  • The eye makeup remover pads work well but make sure your eye is completely closed because it can sting. They get all the eye makeup off in a few sweeps.

  • The Maybelline great lash BIG mascara is my new favorite mascara. It's very inexpensive and works well. The wand is super thick so it coats a lot of mascara onto lashes. When I do my mascara I always curl my lashes first. Then I put a dab of hair conditioner onto my finger tip and then CAREFULLY sweep my lashes with it. This works as an inexpensive lash primer. Then before the conditioner dries, I sweep my mascara on and let dry. Then I curl them once again.

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